Supermarket Signage that Serves Customers and Grocery Store Owners

For many, the days of casually strolling through a grocery store are long past. Generally, modern customers have a more get-it-and-go attitude. Often, “quick and convenient” wins over “pleasant ponderings” in our fast-paced society. Consequently, supermarket signage must be precise, well-placed and easy to understand. Fortunately, digital screens accomplish that and more. Better yet, MoxyVISION knows how to program and strategically use this cutting-edge technology in retail environments. 

How Supermarket Signage Aids Customers

Remember, today’s consumer is video-oriented. They receive most of their information from a screen on one of their devices. Since customers hold a valuable key to your success, let’s unlock the digital door and walk into its innovative world. Notably, screens with the ability to vary content that provide relevant and versatile information. Not only can you display recipes and reviews on products, you can highlight sales or item location.

Moreover, you can make these screens interactive. Therefore, retail customers choose the information that they need. For instance, not everyone arrives into your establishment with the same goal. While one customer may focus on sales items, another may need specific items. Or, clients may wish for specific suggestions. Either way, digital supermarket signage makes your grocery store more inviting, less confusing and even a fun experience for everyone.

Advantages of Digital Screens for Grocery Store Owners

Equally important, the benefits don’t end there. Opening the digital door leaves a wide berth for operating opportunities as well. 

Just a few include:

  • Increase Profits – Remarkably, digital signage increases sales by 3% to over 20% in some cases. Since customers make 60% of their sales decisions at the POS, these screens are valuable in promoting profitable items. 
  • Lower Costs/Test Pricing Models – Maximize profits with test price models. With the ability to change your signage instantly, fixed print and installation costs no longer restrain you. Frequently, adjust regional or demographic scenarios by store, region or nationwide.
  • Promote Time-Sensitive Offers –Promote a surplus of ripening fresh fruit in the produce section. Or, highlight a take-home dinner of the day. You can schedule digital retail signage months in advance or on the fly.
  • Shelf-Edge Integration – Easily, update pricing and special promotions. Likewise, provide video demonstrations for food preparation or instructions for using products. With our MoxyVISION’s modular units, control pricing from your database for one store or thousands. In the end, this saves significantly on labor costs.
  • Transparent Refrigerator/Freezer Case Door Displays – Deliver stunning graphics and video content on the frozen grocery case door. Surprisingly, we can install these entire retro-fit units in about 30 minutes.
  • Stream RealTime Information – Content can include weather, news or sports information on a section of the screen.

Turn-Key Solutions

In the end, digital supermarket signage is a powerful tool. Although, if not implemented properly you risk losing some of the benefits. With razor-thin margins and high competition, there is little room for error. 

Fortuitously, we can help you leverage this technology.  We deliver enterprise solutions including our robust MoxyVISION Manager software, hardware, content development and installation. Plus, we provide ongoing training, management and service.

Furthermore, as a full-service provider, we understand the big picture. Therefore, we work with your in-house teams and preferred vendors. Or, we supply all of the components.  In either case, our system has full customization capability. Accordingly, you can integrate it into your internal systems. Similarly, we can tailor a complete solution for your organization.    

Today, contact us online to learn more and receive a free quote! Or, give us a call at 336-891-1114.


Multiple zones, configured any way you want allow you to display the most relevant and useful information to your customers. Menus, specials, news, traffic, and weather all on screen or multiple screens.


Beautiful video and animation bring your products to life, and attract attention to your most profitable items. Our design team prides themselves on breaking design boundaries and setting the bar higher.


Digital signage boasts proven results, increasing sales uplift by 3% to over 20% in some cases. Customers are influenced when they are at the POS, where over 60% of sales decisions are made.


For a one-on-one review of your of what MoxyVision can offer your business, let us provide you with a free in-depth review and price quote.

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