Retail Digital Signage

Leverage MoxyVISION’s experience with retail fixtures and marketing to implement digital signage programs that drive revenue.

With our roots forged in national store fixture rollouts combined with our digital marketing agency experience, you can count on solutions that perform, not just pieces and parts.

We are considered an extension of many firm’s teams, providing practical insight for their overall programs.  We offer full turn-key solutions, as well as ala carte services and products to fit into your plans.

Our full-service solution includes hardware, enclosures, content development, local and national installation, training, ongoing system and content management and service.  We can also work with your store fixture manufacturer on integration with new or existing fixtures. If you prefer, we also offer complete turn-key fixture programs, including design and manufacturing.

Retail Digital Signage R.O.I. and Demographic Targeting

Delivering a return on your investment is our core focus.  We are committed to building solutions that drive profits and can work with your internal teams or provide complete strategies for your projects.

We love analyzing data and we base our decisions and strategies on that data.  We can provide camera and software solutions that monitor digital signage interaction and “tune” the content to each viewer.  This software can provide you with reports on the demographics, including gender, age, time of day and engagement level.

Content can be changed on the fly, for example, showing appropriate fashion items by gender and age based on the person looking at the screen.  This engages the viewer and can then be driven to further engagement by asking the viewer to answer some questions or sign up to get special offers or enter a contest, etc.

The data from this interaction can then be used to program your standard day-parting for content, based on the typical customer at various times of day in the digital signage placement area.

Deliver Big Impact

With the cost of very large screens, video walls and laser projectors coming down, it is more affordable to “WOW” your customers.  Selling by connecting on a personal level versus pushing individual products, has proven time and time again to deliver higher conversion.  With these large screens you can pull customers into a state of mind and experience, driving them to go into “Shopping Mode.” Ask us more about this exciting technology today.

Kiosk and Tablet Solutions for Retail Environments

Retail establishments can provide interactive tablet displays at key product areas to deliver sales messages, videos, product options, request help functionality and even in-store ordering.  These features can be integrated seamlessly with MoxyVISION Manager and all are controlled from the same dashboard as the rest of your signage displays.

Manage your tablet solutions by product, department, store, state and more.  Instantly update thousands of tablets with a click.  Our enterprise solution is easy to learn and manage and provides you with all the options you need to deliver results!

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