Hotel Digital Signage

Hotels and resorts can benefit from digital signage in several areas.  At MoxyVISION, we can help your team craft a digital signage strategy that drives increased revenue and margins for your facilities.

We offer our MoxyVISION enterprise digital signage software that allows you to manage one screen or thousands.  This easy-to-use system allows control from one dashboard, with user-level permissions that determine which users have access to each field of content.

The system can be managed remotely from the cloud and can support the latest content standards, as well as data feeds from your internal systems.  With an open SDK we can work with you to connect calendars, meeting room availability, room availability and special packaging, as well as external content like news, weather, flight schedules and much more.


Lobby Virtual Concierge

Adding an easy-to-use interactive display for guests to find local restaurants, events, shows, music and more can lead to very happy guests.  It can also become a profit center, as we can set up various levels of information for a venue.  The display can show more detailed venue information including video, menus for restaurants and even walking or driving directions that can be sent to your patrons’ phones.


Whether you have a large or small venue, wayfinding is always a welcome site for visitors to help them understand where things are in your facility.  Leverage the screen to show advertising for your internal profit centers, such as your bar and restaurants.  These screens can be set up for interior and exterior applications and can include the ability to transmit walking or driving directions to your guests’ phones.

Lobby-General Promotion/Information

Use non-interactive displays in your lobby to promote your restaurants, bars, room upgrades and upcoming promotions, loyalty and rewards programs, local events and internal events/schedules for your corporate guests.  MoxyVISION is easy to manage and schedule, which makes ongoing updates a breeze.

Bar Promotions

Influence patrons drinking at the bar with images and video of your food items available at the bar and in the restaurant. This typically results in a great increase in food sales. A video of the bartender mixing the specialty drink of the day can drive sales to a higher profit item. These screens are also a great place to promote future events at your facility and in the area. The goal is to interest guests in repeat stays at your facility.

Conference Room Scheduling Displays

Use our tablet digital signage system to add screens at the entrances to your meeting rooms for clear scheduling.  Our signage can be easily managed from any device or directly from your internal calendar system.  We can provide a phone app for guests to reserve meeting rooms, as well.

Video Walls/Large Format Displays

Keep your lobby and other large areas of your facilities fresh with stunning graphic content.  Whether you are promoting lifestyle images, showing videos displaying artwork suitable for the season or event, or showing high impact images and video of your restaurant’s food or entertainment venues, all of these installations are winners.

This growing trend of “technoscaping” (coined by Mark J. E. Shapiro), is the blending of technology into a home, office, building or product in the initial design phase. For example, rather than bolting a monitor onto the wall, the wall would be built to contain the monitor.  This also gives you the ability to continually “remodel” your environment and with the right content can make your facility a place patrons talk about and recommend to friends and colleagues.

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