Digital Signage Training

Content is King!  Mastering the software and latest content creation techniques for digital signage can drive big benefits for organizations.  Although our platform is easy to use and manage, its features run very deep.  Leveraging all of the features to their maximum potential can greatly increase the R.O.I. for your system. Our professional training programs are designed to help your team get the most out of your digital signage investment.

Content and targeting strategies drive incremental sales.  It can’t be emphasized enough—you need top quality content COMBINED WITH a targeting strategy that is unique for your particular business. We offer the latest techniques and best-in-class real world examples, to hone your own powerful digital signage marketing program.

Our training is designed around your needs and can focus on areas aimed at increasing your R.O.I.  Contact us to develop a custom program or choose from the following signage training programs:


An A to Z review of our digital signage CMS (Content Management System).  We cover everything you need to know in order to run your network, in this info-packed session.  Topics include user administration and permissions, player management and monitoring, content asset management and hierarchy, template design and management, playlist setup and management and content scheduling.

Advanced Template Creation

We take a hands-on look at building complex templates, including multi-level animated effects, multi-screen animations and management, dynamic data-driven content, advanced grid feeds, location-based content in standard playlists, demographic targeted content and more.

Digital Menu Design and Management

We focus on menu-based designs in this focused training.  We explore animated effects, server grid setups, dynamic feeds, advanced dayparting, demographic targeting, multiple layout options, advanced playlist integrations, layering and best practices.

Digital Signage Network Administration

Learn how to manage large signage networks.  We explore advanced user permissions, setting up of groups, tags, and geo-targeted content, player management, including player monitoring and troubleshooting, best practices and security.

Self Service Training

We offer our MoxyVISION Manager User Guides in .PDF format, in addition to a complete resource library for video training.  We offer ongoing updates and industry news in our blog.  Sign up for our monthly webinar for training tips and industry insight.

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