Digital Signage for Entertainment Venues

One of the challenges for entertainment venues is to provide everyone present a great experience.  In many venues there are multiple activities taking place, which may or may not be suitable for all patrons at the facility.

With digital signage, it is easy to engage and connect with all patrons and deliver targeted content that creates positive outcomes and increased sales.

In addition, digital signage provides the ability to frequently update signage at minimal cost and, more importantly, make a huge impact with animation and video that you can’t achieve with print.

Digital Signage Benefits

Promotion: If you are selling multiple products, such as ticket up-sells, gift cards, souvenirs, party packages, food & beverage, etc., you can greatly increase your same location sales by influencing existing visitors.  We all know video sells, and especially in entertainment venues where people are on the go, they need to be reminded about your other products.

In many instances, parents may be sitting on the “sidelines,” while their children are participating.  Well-placed digital signage promoting gift cards, birthday packages, group events and food are great to promote in these areas. The goal is to stimulate the parents with ideas for gifts, parties, events, and yes, that ice-cold drink or food item.

With animations and video, you can deliver the messages you want, and keep them fresh with easy updating from the MoxyVISION Manager software.

Menu Boards- If you are running concessions, you will definitely see an uplift in sales with digital signage.  In addition to easily being able to change and edit items and pricing in real time, there are several other advantages. 

    • Day-Parting: Sell items by the time of day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc., or offer special menus for events and holidays without the hassle of making changes to conventional signage.
    • Easy Updates: Items, descriptions and pricing can be easily updated remotely in seconds.
    • Price Testing: Try various price points without having to redo your signage. This is a great way to find the best pricing scenarios for particular locations.
    • Vendor Comps: Many food and beverage vendors will offer comps or advertising allowances for featuring their products and brands in video spots on your menu boards. These rebates can significantly offset your costs!
  • Engaging Content: Delivering video, animated and graphic content sells and captures patrons’ attention. MoxyVISION can deliver customized content that maximizes sales.
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