Digital Menu Boards

Restaurants are taking advantage of new digital menu boards in increasing numbers. As the technology grows and the cost of hardware has dropped, it has become more affordable. These attention-grabbing, revenue-increasing electronic screens are now in reach of single-unit and small multi-unit restaurants, in addition to large national chains.

Why Use Digital Menu Boards?

Digital Menus deliver many benefits over traditional menu systems.

  • Animated Message: A picture is worth a thousand words and a video or animation speaks volumes. With the capability to suggest selected items on your menu, using full-motion video or animation to show your dishes “steaming hot,” you can deliver product messages that are heavy influencers.  By highlighting more profitable items, users of digital menus have increased same-store sales and increased margins.
  • Easily Update Menu Items: With the ability to update your menu board in seconds, in one location or thousands, the benefit of digital menu boards gives you a cost-effective way to update your offering more often. You are able to instantly respond to inventory issues or seasonal changes.
  • Day-Parting: By “Day-Parting” your menu (changing menu content based on time of day), you greatly increase your menu real estate. This feature gives you the ability to promote products that are associated with various time slots; i.e., Breakfast, Lunch, Happy Hour, Dinner, Late Night, etc. This also gives you the opportunity to push merchandise other than a menu item; for instance, if you are operating a C-Store that stops serving food after 3 p.m., you can switch the boards to promote retail items, such as soda, snack or beer specials.
  • Price Testing: With the ability to change digital menu boards quickly, one great benefit is to use them for price testing. When you are not burdened by having to “Re-Print” or Re-Set” your menu, you can test various pricing scenarios by store, region, state, etc.  Once you have found the pricing that performs best, you can update all stores instantly.
  • Reduced Liability: Eliminating employees climbing stools or ladders to make menu changes, can greatly reduce injuries and liabilities. Say goodbye to the dreaded menu board change and make it something about which the whole team gets excited. Menu items or prices can be changed instantly from your computer or portable device.

What are the Features of Digital Menu Boards?

Features vary greatly by vendor, which is why MoxyVISION was formed.  Since our full-service clients were demanding many options and features for their digital signage, we had to create custom solutions. We wanted a digital signage software system that allowed us to create flexible designs and options.  That’s why MoxyVISION Manager was formed.  In addition to the many standard features, we offer custom development on top of the platform, for features like P.O.S. (Point of Sale) integration, Website Integration, Drive-through Digital Signage Integration and more.

Digital Menu Board Features:

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Easy to use, our editor utilizes simple drag-and-drop technology. Simply drag your content to the area in which you want it to appear, or precision place it by typing into the position.
  • Unlimited “Zones:” Create an unlimited number of zones for displaying various types of content, including videos, image slide-shows, text, RSS feeds and menu grids.
  • Playlists: Easily create playlists, which group items you want to rotate in a zone or on the full screen. A playlist will cycle through the content based on the rules you apply.
  • Template Builder: Create templates for your various layouts, which you can easily change based on screen and time.
  • Transparency: MoxyVISION Manager supports image transparency when you want to use “Cut-Out” images in your designs.
  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduler: Easily set up your content to display at the time and date that you want it to appear, on the screens you choose. Scheduling takes seconds and can be easily updated.
  • RSS Feeds: Import RSS and MMS multimedia feeds to deliver news, sports, weather, traffic and more to your audience. This is a great feature for establishments that have customers on the go.  A convenience store, for example, can show real-time traffic with the best routes, so customers can get their coffee and also the quickest route to their destination.  This builds customer engagement and loyal customers.
  • Menu Grids: If you have menu items or pricing that frequently changes, use our menu grids for simple updating. No messing with a template, simply edit out a list, and all the settings from the template will be applied.
  • User Management: Set permission to unlimited editors. Control what they can edit by template, content or location.  This is great if you want to manage the templates and primary content, but give an individual store manager the ability to edit out menu items or pricing, for instance.
  • Group Management: Control large quantities of screens easily. We have several options to quickly update content across one or thousands of locations.


Multiple zones, configured any way you want allow you to display the most relevant and useful information to your customers. Menus, specials, news, traffic, and weather all on screen or multiple screens.


Beautiful video and animation bring your products to life, and attract attention to your most profitable items. Our design team prides themselves on breaking design boundaries and setting the bar higher.


Digital signage boasts proven results, increasing sales uplift by 3% to over 20% in some cases. Customers are influenced when they are at the POS, where over 60% of sales decisions are made.


For a one-on-one review of your of what MoxyVision can offer your business, let us provide you with a free in-depth review and price quote.

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