Healthcare Digital Signage

The healthcare industry is a leader in the use of digital signage.  The efficiency to communicate information quickly and accurately to patients, visitors and staff is a key element to its success.

Whether you are looking at solutions for a single practitioner, clinic, hospital, or hospital network MoxyVISION can help.

Our MoxyVISION Manager software is a robust and easy-to-use enterprise solution that is affordable at any size.  With the ability to manage one or thousands of screens from the same dashboard, it is flexible to configure for your needs.  Editing is user-permission-based, so the system can be set up to allow different stakeholders to have access to the content for which they are responsible.  So permissions could be given by department, staff position, city, region, etc.

Content can be organized in various screen “zones” and supports images, video, html, media feeds, data feeds and more.  We support custom system integration for facilities that want to tie internal information into the network as well.

MoxyVISION is a full-service supplier and can provide complete turn-key packages, including hardware, software, enclosures, content, installation, training, management and service.

Our system is hardware agnostic and works with both Android and PC Operating Systems.

Healthcare Digital Signage Applications

Wayfinding: We offer a full selection of tablet, full-screen and free-standing interior and exterior wayfinding kiosks.  Our systems can show simple animated line navigation or full 3-D navigation for visitors, complete with the ability for visitors to send the navigation to their mobile devices.  Multi-building and multi-floor layouts are no problem.  We can provide search by department or staff member and can enable secure access for internal staff, with public access for facility visitors.

Visitor Waiting Rooms: Help make the waiting room experience a little more pleasant with screens displaying helpful information to your visitors.  We can provide media content delivered live for weather, traffic, news, sports highlights, health information, and much more.

Staff Communications: Deliver instant messages to staff by department or location easily with our cloud-based system.  Update schedules for training or internal meetings in staff lunch rooms, offices or conference rooms.

Emergency Notifications: Easily update all screens by a simple tag to broadcast emergency messages or instructions across the entire network instantly.  We can also tie this into automated emergency systems through our custom services.

Environmental: With the use of large format screens and video walls you can transform the healthcare environment instantly and frequently using full wall-size displays or projectors to show art, photographs and video in your facility.  Imagine transforming a wall on a dull rainy day to a beautiful sunrise over the beach with waves crashing and people jogging.  Show lifestyle and health-related content and also promote medical information and tips on a grand scale. We can help with everything, including ongoing content development and management.

Scheduling: Conference and meeting room scheduling is a breeze with our tablet solution.  Leverage our system or your internal calendar to update the screens.  We can map your existing systems to update the screens.  Choose from multiple screen options, enclosure sizes and enclosures styles including custom branded solutions.  Add our mobile app to give staff the ability to check room availability and schedule open rooms from their mobile devices.  View full reporting of room occupancy and use for internal planning.

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