Corporate Digital Signage

The corporate environment can benefit immensely from digital signage.  MoxyVISION can help you put together a system that delivers productivity, team building, motivation, understanding, innovation, and culture. With our full-service approach to corporate digital signage, we can deliver turn-key solutions, including hardware, software, content development, data integration, installation, training, management and service.  We can also supply any component of our offerings ala carte.

Applications for Corporate Digital Signage


Deliver your marketing message to visitors with stunning graphics and video marketing of your products and services by leveraging video walls, large format screens and projectors.  Depending on the space available and your product offering, we can make your presentations interactive with touch screens or tablet controls.

Make your guests feel welcomed with customized messages welcoming them to your office and displaying the day’s agenda.  We can integrate into your existing calendar systems to drive the content to automate this functionality.


For larger office buildings or complexes we offer the latest way-finding technologies that can display 2-D and 3-D routes to individual desks, offices, departments or facilities.  These animated instructions can be easily transferred to your visitor’s mobile devices for easy access.

Security is paramount to today’s office environments, hence, we can lock down certain information based on access level.  This can give staff access to all information in the system and just surface-level or unrestricted information access to visitors.

Internal Communication

Deliver information effortlessly to the office, factory and remote offices with MoxyVISION digital signage.  Provide relevant information by department, delivering real-time sales data to the sales department, web presence data including social media, to the marketing department, key financial indicators to the finance department and key performance statistics to the executive offices.

Recognize staff achievements to the whole team to build morale, display upcoming events and training and deliver emergency messages to the entire system, if necessary.

Update employees with information on new team member hires, company policies and general information including weather, traffic or news, sports and health spots.

Digital Signage Dashboards

With our “Dashboards,” you have the ability to import data real-time from your internal systems and display key indicators and performance metrics.

We can import data directly from Salesforce, QuickBooks, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Drive, SQL Databases, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote and many more.  We can also custom map your data to our system for automated templates.

Conference and Meeting Room Scheduling

Our unique tablet solution for your meeting rooms eliminates double booking and provides reporting on the use of the rooms for future planning.  The system integrates seamlessly with popular calendar scheduling tools like Exchange, Office 365/Outlook and Google Apps.  We can also integrate other systems as well.

The system can be managed from the cloud, at the terminals, or from a mobile device.  The mobile app gives staff the ability to check room availability and book from their mobile devices.

Visitor Management System

Manage visitor check-ins seamlessly with this powerful iPad-based system.  This provides an easy way for guests to check in, improves security, and provides a permanent record of visitors to your facility.

The web-based interface can present visitors with relevant forms such as NDAs to sign electronically, notify specific staff members of their arrival and even print a custom visitor’s badge.

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