Digital Signage for Schools

Engaging students in today’s fast-paced society requires tools that connect with students.  Students have grown up viewing screens, and are drawn by videos, images and split-second information.  MoxyVISION delivers simple to use, powerful digital signage solutions for colleges, universities, trade schools, private and public schools.

Our system is enterprise level and can manage one or thousands of screens from a single dashboard.  Control content editing, by user permissions, right down to a single zone on a single presentation, or divide into groups, schools, regions and more.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Schools

  • Campus wayfinding with mobile phone integration for directions from point A to point B
  • Special event promotions
  • General awareness campaigns for activities, conduct and safety
  • Post and manage class schedules and last-minute changes
  • Provide emergency announcements and instructions
  • Bookstore and Library marketing and information
  • Café and food service promotion and menu management, including nutrition information
  • Post sports scores, schedules and video clips
  • Provide visitor greetings and announcements throughout the signage network
  • Promote job and volunteer opportunity postings
  • Use automated traffic or weather feeds to provide real-time information for visitors, faculty and students

MoxyVISION is a full-service provider and can help you design your network, including hardware, software, content development, installation, training, management and service.  We can provide both interior and exterior solutions.

With MoxyVISION Manager digital signage CRM, you can manage all of your screens from one system, no more confusion or systems that don’t work together.  Our system provides the ability to integrate your programs to create data feeds from multiple sources.  Utilizing either Android or PC hardware, we can help you design a reliable, cost-efficient network across one campus or numerous campuses across the country.

Contact us today to learn how digital signage can improve your campus communications network with students and guests.  We offer free initial consultation services and leasing options for your full system, including hardware, software, content and installation.

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