Store Fixture Digital Signage Integration

Are you planning to integrate digital signage into your store fixture program? We have a strong fixture manufacturing and integration background in permanent, portable and temporary kiosks and well as Point-of-Purchase displays.

Whether you are just looking for the digital and system components or a full turn-key solution, we can help.

Our MoxyVISION Manager digital signage software can operate on both Android and Windows platforms.

We can work with your design and/or fixture manufacturing team to create a seamless process, delivering the hardware to your manufacturer or manufacturing the entire fixture for you.

Fixture Program Features for Digital Signage

Operating Systems —Android or Windows platform-compatible
Screens —Tablet, monitor or open-frame LCD panel options
Mounts —Wall, floor and ceiling mounts available
Digital Signage CMS —Enterprise-level, drag-and-drop digital signage software…manage one or thousands of stores from one admin panel.
User Management —lock down permissions on a template zone, template, screen, store, region or state. Advanced groupings also allow unlimited possibilities for user and administrative permissions.
Grouping —grouping and tags give you the ability to update countless screens with the same or variable content in seconds, from any location.
Location-Specific Content —variable ability to insert “Location Specific” content into a presentation of “standard” content. So, if a presentation is playing and gets to a particular section, our system can play a piece of content in that space, which is specific to the particular location, then proceed with the standard content.
Interactive Capability —fully integrate touch, sound, triggers and more to make your store fixture program an interactive experience for your customers.
Design Consultation —we offer project design consulting services to work with your team in developing your digital signage store fixture integration.
Looking to retrofit existing store fixtures? We can do that as well. We can provide retro-fit kits to tie into your existing fixture designs and provide national installation services as well.

Store Fixture Manufacturers’ Resource

Are you a store fixture manufacturer looking for digital signage integration? We can provide full support for your team with hardware, software and content development services. We have extensive experience in wood, metal, plastic and composite fixture integration and would be happy to discuss your project.

Call us today at 336-588-9405 to discuss your requirements.

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