Supermarket and C-Store Digital Signage

With razor thin margins and high competition in both the Supermarket and Convenience store industries, operations are turning to digital signage to maximize sales and increase profits.

MoxyVISION can help you leverage this technology to deliver enterprise solutions, including our robust MoxyVISION Manager software, hardware, content development, installation and ongoing training, management and service.

As a full-service digital signage provider, we understand the big picture and can work with your in-house teams, preferred vendors, or supply all components.

Our system has full customization capability if you want to integrate your internal systems and/or data for a complete tailored solution for your organization.


Whether you are running a full food-service line, self-serve food-service or just want to increase product sales, we can deliver content that increases sales.  We understand customer demographics and how to present products to spark purchases.  MoxyVISION Manager can control one screen or thousands across countless locations and regions.  With our user-based permissions, it is easy to schedule content and manage who has access to edit each field of the screen.

Benefits of Digital Signage for C-Stores

Increase Profits: Digital signage has proven results-increasing sales uplift by 3% to over 20% in some cases. Customers are influenced when they are at the POS, where over 60% of sales decisions are made. Each screen boosts sales by delivering messages promoting your most profitable items.

Lower Costs/Test Pricing Models: With the ability to change your signage instantly and frequently by store, region, or nationwide, you are no longer restrained by fixed print and installation costs. Testing pricing models by regional or demographic scenarios is easy, allowing you to maximize profits.

Achieve a Competitive Edge: With increased competition among C-stores, it is important to differentiate your core offerings. Customers have a short attention span, they want to get in and out quickly. Digital signage delivers clear, focused product information, enabling customers to get what they want, while subliminally becoming aware of your specials and unique offerings.

Promote Time-Sensitive Offers: Whether you are promoting the big lottery drawing, a special on soda, beer, snacks, or a breakfast or lunch special, digital signage is flexible and cost-efficient. It can be scheduled months in advance, on particular dates, or on the fly. You can have the display change by time of day and react quickly to offers you decide to promote.


One of the most exciting areas of digital signage right now is the supermarket/grocery industry. These businesses are embracing the latest cutting edge products and services and benefiting from it greatly.

As we know, sales can be greatly influenced with the power of suggestion. With digital signage, the ability to show video, images, recipes, reviews and more, right at a product’s location, can greatly improve sales.

Leveraging demographic software to change advertising based on gender and age of the customers can also greatly affect same-store sales. This technology is making great progress in the supermarket area; ask us to review it with you.

Supermarket-Specific Technologies

Shelf-Edge Digital Signage

Integrated right into the shelving, this technology can easily update pricing and special promotions. It can also provide video demonstrations for food preparation or instructions for using products.  The pricing can be driven by your database to make pricing changes a thing of the past, creating large savings on labor costs.  The units are modular and can all be managed from your MoxyVISION dashboard for one store or thousands.

Transparent Refrigerator/Freezer Case Door Displays

Stunning graphics delivered to the customer on the case door.  These are displayed on a transparent panel and can deliver full color graphic and video content.  These complete door retro-fit units can be installed in about 30 minutes. Interested in learning more?  Contact us today.

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