Digital Signage Displays – Which Industries See Results with Signs?

At MoxyVISION, we take pride in providing digital signage displays for businesses of all sizes. These signs display information using an easy-to-change screen. So, instead of printing new signs, you can make changes on the fly. However, before you invest in a digital sign, make sure it will work for your business. We want you to see a healthy return on your investment. By promoting your higher margin items, you will easily earn back the cost. Statistics prove these signs have a major ROI benefit. Additionally, you eliminate the cost of materials and labor to have new signs printed when you have changes. Let’s walk though exactly how digital signs work and which industries can best benefit from digital signs.

Digital Signs for Increased Sales

First, digital signs work well for businesses selling a product. With the right content, they can display information to increase sales such as:

  • Content explaining your product’s benefits
  • Advertisements or even a video commercial for new offerings
  • Videos showing how to use a product
  • Sales, promotions, and bundles that you offer
  • Testimonials from past customers

These digital signage displays work well for retail locationsrestaurantssupermarkets/c-storesentertainment facilities (like movie theatres), and more. The key here is to use templates that can easy display information to entice customers. If you’re unsure about what kind of content to display, we can help! Not only do we provide hardware, but we can also create templates, train staff, or even manage your content. We have graphic designers who can create custom content. You will have videos or photos of your process or products to include in your signage.

Digital Signs for Brand Awareness and Information Assistance

But what if you don’t have a product to sell. Can digital signs work for you? Yes! If you have information to share, digital signs work well. They are not just for commercial or retail locations. Here are just a few ways businesses across the country are using digital signs:

  • Wayfinding (including interactive maps)
  • Sign-in stations to let people know when guests arrive
  • Information dissemination solutions for employees
  • Schedule displays
  • Events promotion
  • Brand awareness content and promotion
  • Interactive educational kiosks
  • Emergency announcements and safety awareness messages
  • Real-time streaming news, traffic updates, weather and sports information

In this case, digital signs work well for corporate officeshealthcare facilitiesairportshospitality business (like hotels) and educational facilities. Additionally, any industry that needs to display visual information can benefit from MoxyVISION digital sign. The only limit on this technology is your imagination – or ours! We’ll help you come up with the perfect content to display. We can even help you create each graphic, video, animation, commercial or other item you display. If you do not have an in-house creative team, we’ll fill that role for you.

Additionally, we can explain the different types of displays and screens. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by technology options, don’t worry. Here at MoxyVISION, we’ll help you find the right solutions for your specific business. We believe that every client is a member of our family, not just a number. So, you’ll won’t receive irrelevant advice that doesn’t really work. We’re data-driven, so we create custom solutions for you. Then, we review how well each sign is working and make tweaks to continually increase your return on investment.

No need to worry about security…you control access to the content by individual user levels. Moreover, you can update signage for one location or a nationwide franchise from any keyboard on any device.

Digital Signage Displays Made Easy

Here’s the best part: our team can give you the exact amount of help you need. Maybe you simply need installation recommendations or help retrofitting older systems. We’re always there for you! Maybe you want help with the setup, but have a trained technology staff who can take on the task of updating your signs. Sounds good to us, and we can even offer 24/7 support when you need it! Or maybe you need help from start to finish, with ongoing management. We can assist in that case as well.

To learn more, click here to request a free quote from our team. We’ll answer all of your questions and review your business to determine how digital sign technology can help you. Or, speak with an expert by calling us at 336-891-1114.


Multiple zones, configured any way you want allow you to display the most relevant and useful information to your customers. Menus, specials, news, traffic, and weather all on screen or multiple screens.


Beautiful video and animation bring your products to life, and attract attention to your most profitable items. Our design team prides themselves on breaking design boundaries and setting the bar higher.


Digital signage boasts proven results, increasing sales uplift by 3% to over 20% in some cases. Customers are influenced when they are at the POS, where over 60% of sales decisions are made.


For a one-on-one review of your of what MoxyVision can offer your business, let us provide you with a free in-depth review and price quote.

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