Digital Menu Boards and Interactive Signage Boost Sales

Generally, most businesses have a pretty solid idea of items they wish to share with their customers. Frequently, they present it on signage and display areas. Ultimately, the goal is to increase sales of these items and engage clients. Sometimes, what a manager or business owner imagines as an attractive purchase, doesn’t entice customers as they intended. If this occurs, it’s time to switch perspectives. In fact, imagine what motivates YOU to make a purchase. For instance, envision a static display of items you may consider. Then, picture it in motion. Most often, signage that can display moving or interactive content is more enticing. Especially today, when graphics and visual displays attract consumers more than ever. Essentially, this is where digital menu boards come into play. They bring your products to life!

Digital Menu Boards Enhance All Industries

Better yet, digital menu boards do this and much more. Likewise, advantages of digital signage radiate throughout all industries. Especially, this is true if you incorporate the expertise of MoxyVISION! Perhaps you wonder if restaurants alone benefit from the use of menu board systems or do other businesses also benefit. Resoundingly, the answer is yes. In fact, retail establishments, kiosks, offices, healthcare facilities, entertainment venues, airports, hospitality industries, convenience stores, and supermarkets reap rewards too. Thus, let’s explore all the features digital signage offers.

Fabulous Features of MoxyVISION Digital Signage

Our technology goes far beyond providing abilities to update content quickly. Indeed, we design our products for ease-of-use. However, our goal is to increase sales as well. Some of our most popular features include:

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Our editor utilizes simple drag-and-drop technology. Drag content to the area in which you want it to appear. Or, place it precisely by typing into the position.
  • Unlimited “Zones:” Create an unlimited number of zones for displaying various types of content.
  • Playlists: Easily craft playlists, which group items you want to rotate in a zone or on the full screen.
  • Template Builder: Form templates for your various layouts, which you can easily change, based on time and screen.
  • Transparency: MoxyVISION Manager supports image transparency when you want to use “Cut-Out” images in your designs.
  • User-friendly Scheduler: Easily set up your content to display at the time and date that you want it to appear. Schedule specials or events up to a year in advance.
  • RSS Feeds: Import RSS and MMS multimedia feeds to deliver news, sports, weather, traffic and more to your audience. This is a great feature for establishments that have customers on the go.
  • Menu Grids: If you have menu items or pricing that frequently changes, use our menu grids for simple updating from any device.
  • User Management: Set permission to unlimited editors. Control what they can edit by template, content or location.
  • Group Management: Control large quantities of screens easily. We have several options to quickly update content across one or thousands of locations.

Cost and ROI

Better yet, digital signage presents a great return on your investment. Therefore, if you’re worried about cost, consider the multiple sales boosts they offer. Plus, we can tailor your system to fit your needs AND budget. Studies show an immediate sales lift when you promote your higher-margin products in-house. Therefore, the system pays for itself quickly.

Features that boost sales and increase your ROI include:

  • Animation. By highlighting more profitable items, users of digital menus increase same-store sales and margins.
  • Easily Update Content and Menu Items. Since you can update content in seconds, digital menu boards save labor costs. Eliminating printed signs also creates another area of cost-savings.
  • Day-Parting. Increase menu real-estate by promoting products based on time of day. Switch boards to promote specials in any business.
  • Price Testing. Once you find the pricing that performs best, update all stores instantly!

For a one-on-one review of how MoxyVISION can help your business, get a free in-depth review and price quote! Or, give us a call at 336-891-1114.


Multiple zones, configured any way you want allow you to display the most relevant and useful information to your customers. Menus, specials, news, traffic, and weather all on screen or multiple screens.


Beautiful video and animation bring your products to life, and attract attention to your most profitable items. Our design team prides themselves on breaking design boundaries and setting the bar higher.


Digital signage boasts proven results, increasing sales uplift by 3% to over 20% in some cases. Customers are influenced when they are at the POS, where over 60% of sales decisions are made.


For a one-on-one review of your of what MoxyVision can offer your business, let us provide you with a free in-depth review and price quote.

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