​Step Up Your Signage with Digital Menu Boards

digital menu boardsWhen you’re running a restaurant, great food is only one part of the picture. If you want your business to be truly successful, your image has to look just as good as your food tastes. Digital menu boards from MoxyVISION are a cutting-edge technology that gives restaurant owners unparalleled flexibility and value. Read on to find out how their elegant simplicity becomes a powerful tool for your marketing!

Why Digital Menu Boards for your Restaurant?

Menu boards are a staple of quick-service and fast-casual dining. But just because they’ve been around a while doesn’t mean they can’t be improved — far from it! In fact, choosing digital signage for your restaurant makes sense from a lot of different angles:

  • Easy to change. Got a new item on the menu? Throw it on the menu board! Want to test out an item at a different price point? Go ahead! Want to add a happy hour menu or seasonal item? No problem! With a digital menu, you can perform all of these tasks by clicking on your phone or tablet.
  • Bring your message to life. Your menu will rise to a whole new level by using animated graphics and rotating images. If you’ve got a new item you want to push, a big, splashy image on the board will draw attention. You can use rotating pictures as a great way to emphasize a large and varied menu. And wouldn’t that slice of pizza look better with some steam coming off it? The possibilities are truly endless.
  • Safety first. Even if your traditional menu can be easily changed, nobody likes getting up on a stepladder to do it. Give your employees a break and make your workplace a little bit safer by switching to digital signs.
  • The contemporary look. No matter how nice your current menu boards are, when you are using digital signage, you will always make the best impression. Whether your concept is sleek or rustic, your guests will love their functionality and aesthetics.
  • Provide your guests with useful information. Using digital signage, you can pull in traffic, weather, sports and other feeds to entertain and inform your patrons while they wait for their food.

Why Choose MoxyVISION?

MoxyVISION’s digital menu boards come with a variety of features that make editing a snap. The easy drag-and-drop editor allows you to create custom templates, playlists, ad calendars and more. You can also edit content across multiple locations at once, and easily integrate with RSS feed technology. MoxyVISION’s digital menus are fully integrated with most other services we offer, and are part of our complete strategy to give businesses the best tools available.

To see how MoxyVISION can help you leap into the future with digital menu boards call 336-245-1640. Don’t wait for a sign — get started today!


Multiple zones, configured any way you want allow you to display the most relevant and useful information to your customers. Menus, specials, news, traffic, and weather all on screen or multiple screens.


Beautiful video and animation bring your products to life, and attract attention to your most profitable items. Our design team prides themselves on breaking design boundaries and setting the bar higher.


Digital signage boasts proven results, increasing sales uplift by 3% to over 20% in some cases. Customers are influenced when they are at the POS, where over 60% of sales decisions are made.


For a one-on-one review of your of what MoxyVision can offer your business, let us provide you with a free in-depth review and price quote.

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